Level up your stream
with contests

Give your viewers a stake in your stream by setting up contests and awarding the winners with prizes.

pc live questionsmobile leaderboard

1. You create a contest

And then add predictions. They could be simple events happening in your stream like "Will I win this round?", or even curated trivia. There are limitless content opportunities.

Automatic questions & answers via game APIs
Sync Twitch moderators to run contests for you
Multi-channel support
pc web
overwatch questionsleaderboard

2. Viewers answer

Viewers choose what they think will be the correct outcome and get awarded points if they're correct.

Unobtrusive UI shows up only when needed
Viewers move up or down the leaderboard
Increased engagement in your stream

Make your stream more engaging

Keep your fans engaged and watching til the end. Increase concurrents and overall watch time.

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